“The best way to recover the reality of food – to return it to its proper place in our lives – is to master the physical processes by which it has traditionally been made.”

-Michael Pollan, Cooked

“Barbecue” has become a catch-all term to describe any type of meat tossed on a grill and slathered with sauce. Ask ten chefs the question, “What is barbecue?” and you’ll probably get ten different answers.

But this much they agree on: the secret to making real barbecue includes four essentials:

1. Animal
2. Wood
3. Fire
4. Time

This presents obvious challenges in the Mitten State: how do you cook authentic barbecue when it’s below freezing for several months out of the year?

The reality is most restaurants who claim to do BBQ cut corners, and it’s hard to blame them when you consider that doing it the old-fashioned way means several days of preparation and cooking time.

At Red Crown, we keep it real though—all year long.

That’s because we have a state-of-the-art indoor wood smoker that would make any hardened pitmaster weep tears of pure joy.

Chef Michael affectionately refers to her as “Lil Red,” and she’s a 2200-pound workhorse that holds up to 250 pounds of meat.

After our pulled pork, brisket, and chicken wings take a nice long bath in our citrus and kosher salt brine (1-2 days), we season the meats and load ‘em into Lil Red along with the finest Michigan fruit woods—a blend of apple, cherry, and mesquite.

After a minimum 12 hours of slow smoking, the result is tender, smoky goodness—and some of the best authentic barbecue the Midwest has to offer.

Come on in and see what you’re missing. And check out our Red Crown Royalty Club to get some pretty sweet deals on the best barbecue in metro-Detroit.