The changing seasons is without a doubt one of the best parts about living in the Mitten State. We celebrate those seasons and our Michigan farmers by putting as many local products on our menus as possible to create some of the most delicious, highly-rated comfort food and barbecue in Michigan.

You’ll find the highest quality Prime Beef from Detroit-based Fairway Packing Company, naturally-raised chicken from Otto’s in Middleville, Michigan, fresh perch from Lake Michigan, organic local veggies from Eastern Market in Detroit and West Park Farmers Market a couple blocks down the road, and homemade breads from Cornwall Bakery across the street. Because we think the best food in the world is grown right here in Michigan. See our full list of Michigan farms and suppliers here.

Our food is a modern twist on good ‘ole comfort fare with a healthy dose of Southern hospitality. Ribs, pork, brisket, burgers, and the like are our specialties. We use classic “slow and low” wood-smoked barbecue techniques for our pulled pork, brisket, and chicken wings: several days of brining in a cold citrus and kosher salt bath; then a house-made seasoning rub to produce that oh-so-delicious “crust”; and finally a long, slow finish in our state-of-the-art indoor wood smoker using Michigan-grown fruit woods like apple, cherry, and mesquite.

Of course, living in Michigan means we can’t source everything locally due to our infamous winters. But we’re committed to using top-notch ingredients from sustainable sources—even if that means spending a few more dollars. That means you can expect only the best-of-the-best here: wild salmon and shrimp; naturally-raised meats; organic, stone-ground War Eagle grits; seasonal, imported cheeses; hand-cured Edwards hickory smoked bacon; and more.

Hungry yet? Check out our current seasonal menu items and weekly food and drink specials.

We should also mention we have a full bar stocked with a variety of beer, wine, and cocktails (with several Michigan brews and small batch wines). And if you like craft cocktails, strike up a conversation with our barkeep and he’ll whip up something magical for you (like the Moscow Mule—a local favorite consisting of ginger beer, vodka, and lime served in style in a copper mug).

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